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Avoid Lease Turn-In Charges

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Use This Checklist to Avoid Lease Turn-in Charges

If you lease your vehicle, you probably know you’ll be charged for excessive wear-and-tear. Dealerships want to get your lease turn-in ready for the next sale, so you might be stuck with expensive penalties to recondition it. Use This Checklist to Avoid Lease Turn-In Charges: 1) Plan Ahead By Doing A Self-Inspection Of Your Vehicle. According to Edmunds.com, these are the general categories manufacturers...
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RGX Rim Repair Expands To Greensboro

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Team RGX

RGX Rim Repair has announced the acquisition of a family owned rim repair shop in Greensboro, North Carolina. RGX Rim Repair has purchased the assets of Wheel Repair of the Triad, a rim repair facility located at 307-A Edwardia Drive. RGX will commence operations on December 1st, 2017. The shop will conduct business under the name RGX Rim Repair. RGX is now active in a growing business area within minutes of Wendover...
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