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When it comes to protecting metal components from rust and deterioration, automotive manufacturers and consumers have a lot of options. Wet painting and powder coating are two of the most common tactics currently employed. While powder coating may be slightly more expensive up front, the benefits of this technique make it an attractive alternative to painting. Here are just a few of the enticing upsides of powder coating your automotive metal.

A Far More Durable Coating

One of the biggest selling points of a powder coating is its sheer resilience. Since a powder coating is twice as thick as a layer of traditional paint, it protects underlying metal from trauma like no other. Furthermore, powder coating is far less susceptible to cracks as metal bends and flexes. Best of all, powder coatings don’t succumb to fading like paint finishes will over time.

A More Consistent Finish

Compared to paint, a powder coating is far more homogeneous than any paint job could be. A layer of paint on metal will inevitably suffer from porosity due to solvent evaporation, which results in an inconsistent finish. Due to the very nature of the powder coating process, drips and pools simply don’t occur. What’s more, powder coatings can produce a variety of textures with little effort.

Quicker Turnaround Times

When you break it all down, painting metal in the traditional fashion is a lengthy process. There are multiple steps involved and you have to wait potentially days for the final product to dry. Powder coatings are 100% cured roughly 20 minutes after the application process is completed. For instance, a powder coated alloy wheel can be installed on a vehicle while still hot to the touch.

Less Damage to the Environment

If you care at all about the planet, powder coating is a good way to go due to its environmental friendliness. When you paint metal, you have to use a lot of solvents and other fluids that emit Volatile Organic Compounds. The powder coating process involves no such hazardous substances. What’s more, powder coating metal automotive parts produces less wasted material when compared to painting.

Superior Return on Investment

Ultimately, powder coating any metal is a better investment than painting for a few reasons. For one thing, the final product will require less maintenance and repair over the years. In addition, the resale value of any component that’s received a powder coating will easily trump that of a part that’s been painted. When it comes to pure financial considerations, powder coating is always a solid bet.

Finding the Right Powder Coating Provider

Recently, powder coating has exploded in popularity as the general public catches on to its advantages. A quality powder coating outfit will explain the technical aspects of the procedure to help you make a well-informed decision. If you do a little homework, you’ll find that there are plenty of powder coating specialists out there that can tackle your project at a great price.



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