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Fixing Wheel Corrosion Without Replacement

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Wheel Corrosion Can Leave You Flat, Call RGX.

Despite their aesthetic appeal and superior performance, alloy wheels can be just as susceptible to corrosion as old-fashioned steel rims. Finding corrosion spots early can be the difference between a rim repair and rim replacement. Sometimes corrosion is easy to spot, but most corrosion happens in the places we spend less time admiring. So how can you tell if your wheels are suffering from corrosion?

Do you have a tire that seems like it's always leaking air? Perhaps you had the tire checked only to be told there is no leak in it. If this sounds familiar, you may have corrosion on the inside of your wheel.
Over time corrosion can build up and prevent the tire from properly sealing to the rim. A wheel can experience corrosion along the bead seat when it is continuously exposed to salt and moisture. The moisture will dissolve through the outer finish exposing the metal rim, which leads to corrosion.  

The good news is that repairing corrosion and preventing it from coming back is easy when you choose RGX. We know how to fix wheel corrosion without spending big bucks on replacement rims.
Each rim under goes a thorough inspection process by our trusted service team and once we have identified all areas of corrsion we dismount the rim from the tire and get to work. Repair methods may vary depending on the level of corrosion build up, but one thing is certain, we  stand by our work and offer 100% customer satisfaction. 

When you bring you car to one of our locations we work to indentfy any potention issues with your wheels and educated you on the best availble options.



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