Wheel Customization

If you want your rims to stand out, RGX Rim Repair has custom options for you. Aftermarket rims and tire packages can cost $2,000 or more. Instead of buying expensive wheels from manufactures, we can customize the wheels currently on your vehicle by giving them a custom paint job. Our Certified Wheel Technicians can change the color of your rims, give them a matte finish, or create a personalized design just for you. We have both traditional paint and powder coat options to choose from. As always, our service is guaranteed from application defects ensuring a durable and high-quality finish.

Testimonial - Nissan 370z - Color Change

"Excellent rims, excellent service. I got a unique job done to my 370z, I drove 2 hours in the morning on one of my days off and waited throughout the day to get my rims done, I was unsure if they would be able to do 2 tone paint but they did a 4 day paintjob in 5 hours, color me impressed. Not many people can do such a task in a day and on top of that it came out VERY well. Josh is professional and he knows a lot about rims coatings and informed me on the job when requested. I've seen a lot of different rim places in South Carolina and NONE of them come close to the excellence in service Rimguard provided for me, this was well worth the drive and well worth the price I paid. I'd do it all over again on any car, will definitely recommend this to some buddies. Even the 2 hour drive was worth it in my opinion."

- Patrick L.
  Sumter, SC


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