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Avoid Lease Turn-In Charges

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Use This Checklist to Avoid Lease Turn-in Charges
If you lease your vehicle, you probably know you’ll be charged for excessive wear-and-tear.  Dealerships want to get your lease turn-in ready for the next sale, so you might be stuck with expensive penalties to recondition it.
Use This Checklist to Avoid Lease Turn-In Charges:

1) Plan Ahead By Doing A Self-Inspection Of Your Vehicle.

According to Edmunds.com, these are the general categories manufacturers look for damage: 

•Dents, dings, scratches and scrapes on the exterior, bumpers and wheels, especially "curbed" wheels
•Cracks, stars or excessive pitting in the windshield and other windows
•Abnormal or excessive wear to the tires
•Tears or stains on the upholstery that can't be repaired or cleaned with normal refurbishing

2) Get Necessary Repairs.

Wheels, glass and tires are three things that you’re better off fixing yourself. You might be charged for the replacement of these items. At RGX we do a lot of pre-lease return repairs, typically our wheel repairs cost a fourth of what the penalty fees are.  Click here for a free estimate.

3) Don't Go Over Your Annual Mileage Agreement.

Check your mileage against the amount in your lease agreement to determine excess mileage. If you exceeded the annual mileage limits, be prepared to pay for the extra miles.

4) Return All Vehicle Items. 

Gather the floor mats, keys, spare tire, cargo covers, and any original equipment that came with the vehicle. 

5) Get Regular Maintenance.

Make sure you keep a record of your car's maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations. If your vehicle has any problems, you'll have documentation that you're not at fault. 

6) Remove Personal Items.

Check all areas including: back seats, glove box, eyeglass holder, CD player, etc.

7) Return Your Vehicle On or Before Your Lease End Date.

Be sure to bring all keys, the owner’s manual, and records of your vehicle’s maintenance.

These guidelines are to help you avoid any surprises when you turn in your leased vehicle, but you should contact your dealership for your specific lease-end agreement.

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